Trend Fashion 2011

We all want to look fashionable but this is impossible without knowing modern tendencies in the fashion world. Some of the 2011 trends will be out and some will still be hot. And a few absolutely new trends will shatter the glamorous world soon.

New Trends Fashion With Cute Knit Vest
Short Pants Fashion in 2011

As a huge contrast to the latest trend comes the military style that is getting more and more popular with women all over the world. Even Gisele Bundchen wore military for the photo shoot for Vogue, isn’t that a good reason to try this trend?

Shear Clothes Looks Sexy
Fresh Dress For Teen
Glamor Fashion With Elegant Coverlid

A Zest For Orange
—Rich mango, persimmon, ripe pumpkin—however you slice it, bold orange was one of spring's sweetest color trends. And whether paired with white at Marc Jacobs or with bad-girl booties at Chris Benz, this intense shade feels fresh once again.

Interfiliere, a fashion industry body dedicated to lingerie and beachwear correctly peg Spring 2011's fashion trends as....'lingerie as outerwear' or loungerie, a mixture between lingerie, swimwear and streetwear (which they group as loungewear), and lingerie. The new Loungerie takes a leaf out of, and gets the best of, lingerie for an alternative, parallel wardrobe; [one that is] light, intimate, and impossible to "classify." Well, I guess that means more floaty, lacy, chiffon-y clothes made out of silky polyester.....

Colorful Fashion Looks Charming
Paris Fashion With the Best Design
Polka-dot Fashion Looks Cute

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