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Earth shoes were an unconventional style of shoe invented in the 1970s in Scandinavia by Danish shoe designer Anna Kalso. Unlike most other shoes, the soles were thick and the heels were thin (Negative Heel Technology), so wearing them one walked heel-downward. The advertisements said that it was like walking on the beach, where one's footprints are this way. A different firm with the same name is now in existence, and has recently introduced shoes with negative heels in a variety of styles ranging from sandals to running shoes.
Foot experts claimed the shoes were actually pretty bad for the wearer. One study found that the shoes caused severe pain and cramping and one expert claimed they would "cripple everyone who wears them."

Earth Footwear Educational Video

This is a new pair of athletic shoes. So, finally dove in and ordered a pair. Vegan ones, of course. Earth brand Kinetic -Vegan. They’re not cheap. But decent running shoes do come at a price. And Earth shoes are great because they support natural posture. And the users have less than ideal posture, so this is good for them. They’re are also good for stability. And if you’re klutzy like them, you need all the help you can get avoiding the face-plant position. In addition, these shoes have the Kalsø® Negative Heel Technology® which positions the toes 3.7° higher than the heels to help strengthen and tone the body. And I’m trying to tone up for my wedding, so that’s an added bonus. And they’re pretty cute.
Earth Shoes for Women would like to present the Earth, Mirage 2 (Caribou Suede). Footwear is proud to offer the Earth Mirage 2 (Caribou Suede. Footwear Take on the city streets with all the style and comfort you’ll need in the fashionable ‘Mirage 2′ boot. This is Soft suede upper with wrap-around lacing system to ensure the right fit. Faux shearling lining invites your toes to bury and snuggle in luxurious warmth. Ergonomic footbed with anatomic arch support and shock-absorbing Gelron2000 cushioning. Features Kalsoslash. Negative Heel Technology to align the body naturally. Shock-absorbing natural rubber outsole provides durability and traction. Product measurements were taken using size 7.
With a sumptuous shearling-look upper and lining, the Earth Cloud lives up to its namesake. The supportive foot bed will keep you in alignment while you’re hanging around the house and the soft and insulating materials used in Earth slippers will keep you warm and comfortable.
The sole of the shoe is treaded and water proof for indoor and outdoor use and the Cloud is also vegan certified, using no animal products in its manufacture. This is a slipper with all the benefits of the Earth brand and with a conscience as well. Increase your strength and improve your posture just by wearing comfortable and warm slippers around the house.

With Kalso Negative heel shoes from Earth line your feet will not only feel comfy but the whole body will benefit as well. Nowadays many different Earth styles are produced: Kalso Negative heel sandals, tennis shoes, sneakers, yadda yadda. The first Kalso Negative heel shoes were devised as early as 1950s. It was then that Anna Kalso, a Danish yoga trainer, noticed when going barefoot on the sandy beach that the tracks of the heel is much deeper that the tracks of toes. It occurred to her that when walking the weight of body is mostly on the heel. As a result Anna devised the shoes with lowered heel or the so-called ‘kalso negative heel’. Later on - in the year 1969 a young couple from America was granted the sole right to distribute Earth Kalso Negative heel shoes in the USA. The first store was opened in 1970 in New York. The main peculiarity of these shoes is that when walking with Earth shoes on, the posture becomes perfect straight away as the heel level is lower than the toe level. The slope angle is not wide - nearly 3.7 degrees but it is sufficient. Nowadays Negative heel shoes are manufactured by the German company Osnabrucker AP Shoe Fashion GmbH&Co.KG. Those who will end up purchasing Earth Kalso Negative heel shoes should be ready to get accustomed to them at first and to increase the load step by step. At first it’s better not to wear Kalso Negative heel shoes more than one hour a day. This is due to knee load that should be increased little by little. It might turn out to be a real problem for women who used to wear stilettos. But every effort is worth while.

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