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Most people underestimate how important your shoes are. Every person runs differently and has different types of feet so it is important to identify the needs of your feet before your commit to a pair of runners. Running shoes should be an investment and before you make that purchase here are few things you should know.

Understand Your Foot. Before you purchase your running shoes, it’s important to get to know your foot. Everyone’s feet are different so luckily, there are running shoes that cater to all different kind. First, find out if your feet have a high arch, normal arch or are flat. Measure your arch when you are standing. If your arch is close to or hits the floor, then you are flat footed. If your arch is significantly high off the ground and your arch does not hit the floor then you are high arched. Normal arches are somewhat in between with only half the arch hitting the floor.

Understand How You Run. It is also important to find out how you run or how your foot hits the floor. You can examine it while you are running to identify how your foot hits the floor. For example, does your foot hit the floor then the balls of your feet? If you already have running shoes you can look at wear on the sole of the shoes. The most wear will be where you foot hits the ground first (on your heel or your forefoot). Most runners strike the ground with their heel. If you have a lot of wear at your heels then you might require more cushion in your runners at the heels. Another important aspect of your foot is does your foot roll in or out too when you run. This is called pronation. If you have too much pronation then you will require a straight shoe with a solid sole. If you are having pain in your foot, then you should also take that in mind when you buy your running shoes.

Go to Specialized Running Shoe Store. The running specialty stores are full of employees that are knowledgeable in understanding the mechanism of the foot. Because they have that knowledge, and if you have the information regarding your own feet, you will be steered in the right direction and to right pair of shoes for your feet. Another great feature of the specialized running shoe stores is that they will most likely allow you to try out the running shoes for a 5 minute test.

Don’t be Limited to What is Local. If you live in an area which doesn’t have specialty running shops or is limited in shoe stores, there are a number of online stores which can have a large range of shoes from all the great running shoe brands. One of the best online athletic shoe retailers is Finish Line has a vast range of athletic shoes and also has a running shoe finder which helps you find a good quality pair of runners. Another benefit of buying online runners is that there are good deals online. Quality running shoes are priced higher than regular runners, but they do last longer and provide your feet with adequate support.

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